Neck surgery

Nerve decompression, disk replacement, and fusion surgeries

When is surgery considered?

A bone spur or herniated disk can pinch the spinal cord and nerves in the neck. This causes pain, numbness or weakness in the neck and arms. If the pain is not responding to nonsurgical options then surgery is often discussed. 

Painful neck illustration

Goals of surgery

The first goal of surgery is removal of bone spurs and herniated disc material. This allows your nerves to float freely and provides immediate relief from the nerve pain.

The next goal of surgery is to replace the diseased disc with either a spacer for fusion or an artificial joint to preserve motion.

It is important to review your case with a surgeon who regularly implants artificial disks as well as performing fusions to ensure you are making the correct decision.

Artificial disk being inserted where diseased disk has been removed.

Answers to common questions

Dr. Rossi has performed over a thousand spine surgeries. This is one of the most commonly performed surgeries by Dr. Rossi. All spine surgeries are performed entirely by Dr. Rossi.

You are completely asleep for the procedure. You will have a small approximately two centimeter incision on the front of your neck. A microscope is used for magnification.

Typically patients are discharged home within a few hours after surgery. You can expect to be walking and performing typical home activities such as going up stairs the same day as surgery. Neck and throat soreness are expected but typically mild. Pain medications are prescribed if needed but most patients only require Tylenol.

Most patients feel like returning to light duty jobs within a week after surgery. You will slowly increase your activity level in the days and weeks after surgery. You are released to full activity such as golfing etc. at six weeks after surgery.

All of this and more will be discussed in detail with Dr. Rossi prior to undergoing any procedure.

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A second opinion from Dr. Rossi ensures the best treatment plan for you or your loved one’s spinal condition.
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